Magical moongazing hare Shaun Gilbert chainsaw artist

Magical Moongazing Hare


I was given one of Shaun’s pieces as a present and I am in complete awe of his talent and artistry. I have always loved hares, hearts, and sparkle and my partner commissioned Shaun to carve me a moon gazing hare as a surprise for our first Christmas together.

Unbeknown to me when we went to collect him there was a group of hares set out in the garden. Nobody said anything but something magical happened, everything else around faded and I had a moment. He had a presence about him – the detail was remarkable, the texture of the fur, the shape and proportion exceptional, he had personality which was truly unique. I was drawn to him and then he spoke to me, my ‘magical moon gazing hare’.

On his chest there is a wood knot which is heart shaped. It couldn’t be more perfect; you can feel the love exuding from him because of the passion Shaun has used to create him.

Shaun is quiet and very unassuming; he doesn’t realise how extremely talented he is. He is passionate about what he does and this comes through in his work.  I feel privileged to have met him and discuss his creations with him, each piece is unique and very realistic. He advised me how to protect and care for my ‘little man’, I will be putting him in pride of place in my new secret garden to watch over me.

This is my first piece from Shaun, but having seen and felt his work up close, this certainly will not be my last – I have my eye on the owls now.  I would highly recommend him, without any hesitation, to anyone who wants a spectacular addition to their home or garden which is truly unique.

Catherine Fisher